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25 – 27 April 2018, Ho Chi Minh City

Expected topics

Vietnam auto industry related policies: latest trends and insights
An overview of some of the latest government policies facing the independent automotive aftermarket and how the industry is responding to these issues.


New chapter for Vietnam’s automotive industry: the country’s first locally-branded cars
Vietnam’s ambitions are similar to efforts by companies in China and Malaysia, which have also tried to create cheaper, local brands to woo consumers in a region where foreign brands including Toyota Motor Corp. and Volkswagen AG have had years of dominance. The new company VINFAST of the largest real-estate company in Vietnam named Vingroup aims to have “Made in Vietnam” products including motorbikes and automobiles of electric and gasoline models that can compare with well-known products around the world, and thus affirms Vietnamese people’s ability to master modern technology.


The new service mode of e-commerce platform for automotive aftermarket in Vietnam
Vietnam is considered one of the fastest growing e-commerce market in the world, with the average growth rate of 35% annually, and is 2.5 times higher than Japan. The fast growing e-commerce platform has affected the traditional way of doing business. The e-business related to the automotive aftermarket is also springing up and more automotive parts are sold via the Internet now. Is the era of the e-business for aftermarket parts coming? How to combine the online products with the offline service?


How to forecast vehicle maintenance using telematics data
By having vehicle maintenance to be triggered based on actual utilization and real-time data report on driver behavior, vehicle conditions, etc., from accurate telematics data could then be resulting in cost savings as well as potential cost savings and helping to protecting the drivers.


The future auto parts: lightweight materials
Advanced materials are essential for boosting the fuel economy of modern automobiles while maintaining safety and performance. Because it takes less energy to accelerate a lighter object than a heavier one, lightweight materials offer great potential for increasing vehicle efficiency and cars can carry additional advanced emission control systems, safety devices, and integrated electronic systems without increasing the overall weight of the vehicle.


Electric vehicle safety
Today, EV market is getting increase globally and it is required to know the electric vehicle hazard and how to deal with high voltage batteries of those vehicles for whom like service technicians, high voltage components and device suppliers and the first responders including fire-fighters, towing drivers, etc. With this seminar, you can understand the important factors before deal with those vehicles and how to protect the accidents in service areas.


Lubricant new generation technologies
The new lubricant generation created fits into the new technologies engine to reduce the fuel consumption and low pollution emissions

Subject to change, information as of 10 January 2018