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Conference speaker line-up

Mr Dam Hoang Phuc, Associate Professor, Hanoi University of Science and Technology


Ass.Prof. Phuc is a Director of Automotive Engineering Program at Hanoi University of Science and Technology. He received both engineering and master in automotive engineering from Hanoi University of Science and Technology in 2004 and Ph.D degree from Tokyo University and Technology, Tokyo, Japan in 2011. Since 2011, he has been back to the Hanoi University of Science and Technology as a lecturer at Automotive Engineering Department. His research interests in vehicle dynamics control and electric vehicle.

Mr Pham Minh Thang, Vice President, Head of training & Consulting of Vietnam Association for Supporting Industries


Mr. Pham Minh Thang is Bachelor of Engineering from RMIT, Australia; MBA from UBI, Belgium, Vice President of Vietnam Association for Supporting Industries, Head of Consulting & Training, CEO of P&Q Solutions, a Manufacturing Excellence Training & Consulting Service Provider since 2004 and Senior Executive Advisor & Leadership Coach in Business Excellence Transformation for Manufacturing Enterprises.

Ms Phuong Nguyen, Managing Partner, CCX Partners


Phuong is a passionate advocate for sustainable global trade and aims to make a positive impact through cross-border investment and international expansion. Formerly International Affairs Director at Vingroup, she is highly skilled in international strategy, cross-cultural management, negotiation, and policy analysis. 

Early in her career, she held roles such as Country Manager, Managing Director, and APAC Board of Management at Anymind Group where her track record includes successfully launch, scale and exit Anymind’s technology solutions across cultures in the Asia region. 

She is also a scholar of Hinrich Foundation for Master of Sustainable Global Trade at RMIT University.

Dr Dinh Tien Dzung, Head of Automotive Engineering Solutions, FPT Automotive


Dr. Dinh Tien Dzung has more than 15 years of working experience in Aerospace & Automotive Industries with strong background in System Engineering, Product Development, Simulation & Testing. His versatile skill set has been finely honed through extensive hands-on involvement and leading the engineering team to deliver innovative solutions, optimize product performance, and ensure compliance with industry standards for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) and Electric Vehicles (EV).
In the Automotive Industry, Dr. Dzung has been working in an EV startup, co-leading the virtual development of various Electric Vehicle projects. He has contributed to the creation of vehicles designed to meet global automotive standards for the Asian, Europe and US Markets. His engagement extends to the development of High Voltage components, including HV batteries, and OBC/DCDC systems, highlighting his commitment to pioneering advancements in electric mobility.
Currently Dr Dzung serves as Head of SEA (Automotive Engineering Solution) Center in FPT Automotive, focusing in spearheading the engineering service for Vehicle & Subsystem/Component Development.

Mr Joseph Smith, CEO, True AI System


Joseph was the first foreigner from IBM to live and work with Huawei from 1999 to help lead Huawei's global transformation. These transformations enabled Huawei to become 1000 times bigger and reach a revenue of USD150bn. He was previously VP Global Business Transformation of Huawei. 

Joseph has been working with AI for the last 8 years and has a Patent Pending on a new AI chip architecture for a Hybrid Digital-Analog Zero Instruction Set Computer. 

He is Business Transformation thought leader and public speaker, including on main national TV channels. Joseph is also a guest lecturer at several top MBA schools.

Mr Tuan Nguyen Quoc, CEO, Vietsol Co Ltd


Mr. Nguyen Quoc Tuan is a seasoned automotive engineering professional, blending practical know-how with academic knowledge. With a decade of holistic leadership experience at major OEMs and engineering giants, he demonstrates extensive expertise in vehicle testing, systems engineering, software development, and beyond. His practical proficiency is bolstered by a solid academic foundation, holding a PhD from a prestigious public university in Portugal. As the founder and CEO of Vietsol, Tuan is on a mission to elevate Southeast Asia's automotive engineering capabilities on a global scale, reflecting his commitment to industry innovation and advancement.

Mr Daniel Pham, Operational Director, Vietnam Outsourcing Pte Ltd


Mr Daniel Pham is an expert in global supply chain, additive manufacturing, productivity & quality, and organizational change management.

His key roles include:
- Director at Vietnam Outsourcing Pte Ltd (VNO) - part of Make Global: A company specialized in the procurement of proprietary mechanical components. VNO boasts a global sales network in Singapore and engineering teams across the UK, China, and Vietnam with an impressive track record of shipping over 7 million parts annually to 30+ customers worldwide.
- Vice President at IMCE Global - IMCE Global is an international business management consulting company that specializes in market expansion, business strategy, and manufacturing consultant services.
- Lead National Consultant at USAID’s projects in Vietnam such as LinkSME & IPSC.


Ms. Ly Thu Yen (Conny Lee), Deputy Director, Best Inc


Ms. Ly Thu Yen, also known as Conny Lee, is a highly respected executive leader with over 25 years of extensive experience in logistics, consulting, and supply chain management within the international trade and e-commerce sectors. Her diverse expertise includes business development, import/export regulations, stakeholder relationship management, and global supply chain solutions, which have played a pivotal role in the success of prominent logistics companies across Vietnam.
Currently serving as the Deputy Director of Cross Border Logistics at Best Logistics Technology (Vietnam) Co., Ltd., Ms. Ly Thu Yen plays a key role in crafting and executing business growth strategies focused on bolstering revenue streams from cross-border services between China – Vietnam, Vietnam – Southeast Asian countries, and Vietnam – US routes.
Having previously worked with S.F. Express Limited, KPMG Tax and Advisory Limited, and Yuanch Vietnam Optical Material Limited, Ms. Ly Thu Yen has consistently demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and a deep understanding of the logistics industry. Her strategic insights and wealth of experience continue to drive growth and deliver value to her organizations, making significant contributions to the logistics landscape in Vietnam.

Dr Do Manh Cuong, Edward, Deputy Secretary General, Vietnam Automation Association


Dr. Do Manh Cuong, Edward is now lecturer at Hanoi University of Science and Technology, Department of Industrial Automation, the Deputy General Secretary at Vietnam Automation Association (VAA), and working for AITCV as I4.0 technologies Advisor and visiting faculty. Dr.-Ing. DO defensed for his doctor of Electrical Engineering, majors of Power Electronics in 2008 in Germany at Dresden University of Technology. Born in 1977 and agile, active, target-oriented, straightforward, keep up with trends and up-to-date, beside his professional, Dr. DO has the special interest on the area of Energy, Automation because he studied and research in Germany where the Renewable Energy very famous for. He attended in many activities related to this area, such as researcher of project “Local Innovative Energy Systems – LIES” supported by the German Research Foundation; designing and conducting training course on “Forecasting and evaluation the potential for renewable energy development in Vietnam” for Electricity Vietnam (EVN); designing and organizing training course on “Using biomass energy in the garment industry” for the delegation of the Cambodian Garment Association. Beside these, he has been consulting, designing and optimizing a number of solar power, wind power projects as well as energy conservation for industrial factories in Vietnam; commissioned drive system for Viet Thang paper plant; Service and commissioning the waste water treatment system and the fire protection system for Uong Bi thermal power plant; upgrading and commissioning the middle voltage VFD for Viwasupco; Industry 4.0 and Digital Transformation for VICEM, EVN and other manufacturers are also his special interests at the moment.

Mr Franklin Kurniawan, CEO, Opex Consulting Group


Franklin Kurniawan is CEO, Opex Consulting Group. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering and Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Bandung Institute of Technology and National University of Singapore respectively.

He is trained as Six Sigma Black Belt and practicing Lean Six Sigma since 2000.

Based in Singapore since 2006, Franklin held leadership positions in various MNC’s including Quantum, Panasonic, PerkinElmer, Siemens, and Dyson and has worked in Indonesia, the Philippines and Singapore.

Franklin is the Co-founder and CEO of Opex Consulting Group ( OpexCG operates in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia providing end-to-end Digital Transformation services and solutions to various manufacturing verticals in APAC.


Mr Steven Le, Sale Manager, Indochina, Datacolor


Steven Le is a highly accomplished professional with a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from Natural Science University. With an impressive career spanning over 20 years, he has established himself as a leading expert in the field of color appearance and color matching solutions, specifically within the Indochina region.

Throughout his career, Steven has been instrumental in delivering exceptional color solutions to clients across various sectors. From textiles to automotive, cosmetics to printing, he has successfully implemented color appearance and color matching solutions that have significantly improved product quality and customer satisfaction.



Mr. Tong Truong Tan is CEO of 3D Smart Solutions. He graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from Ho Chi Minh University of Technical and Education. With 18 years of experience in the fields of: 3D design, reverse engineering, prototyping, additive manufacturing. One of the pioneers that bring 3D printing technology into Vietnam industrial production. Currently being Founder & CEO of 3D Smart Solutions LLC, he has been operating for more than 15 years in 3D designing, reverse engineering, prototyping, and additive manufacturing.

Ms Anne-Cathrine Koch, Head of Digitalization & Operations IT Asia-Pacific, Schaeffler Technologies


Anne-Cathrine Koch serves as VP of Digitalization and Operations IT at Schaeffler Asia-Pacific, overseeing the digital transformation of 9 manufacturing plants in Vietnam, Korea, India, and Thailand. She and her team develop software applications to enhance shopfloor operations and enable data-driven decision-making. Anne-Cathrine has held various digitalization roles at Schaeffler before relocating to Vietnam in 2022. She is currently stationed in Ho Chi Minh City.